EIT Digital Innovation Talk

March 7 | 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Fondazione EIT Digital Italy
EIT Digital- Via Sommarive 18 - 38123 Povo - Trento

Presentation of Master Degrees and EIT Digital PhD Course.

To be followed by Innovation Talk.
Speaker: Julia Wache, EIT Digital Alumna and Co-founder of feelSpace.

Afterwards there will be social networking meeting.

Registration is mandatory: http://bit.ly/eit-ictdays2019

The naviBelt – My journey from being a researcher to becoming an entrepreneur

Julia Wache

In her talk, Julia Wache speaks about the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur as a natural scientist. When she co-founded feelSpace in 2015 she was still a student and worked mostly in research.

While feelSpace is a university spin-off close to research, it develops and sells tactile navigation devices which requires a much wider skill set.

Julia Wache tells about her personal development from a scientist to an entrepreneur and how she and her cofounders - all cognitive scientists by training - managed the transition into the world of business. She points out many important aspects that contribute to successfully getting your own startup launched.