The ICT Days, launched in 2009 as an initiative by the University of Trento's DISI (Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science), are dedicated to the broad subject of Information and Communication Technology.  After many years of success, the event has become an important meeting opportunity both local and national.

Much success and resourcefulness is also shown by the students who participate in the hackathon, an American-type event in which various work teams compete in a software programming marathon. The hackathon is an innovative experience located within a structured context in which the students are required to create, test and validate their projects.

The Education Day, in collaboration with PorteAPERTE, is dedicated to prospective students and furnishes university orientation to high school students. These are given an opportunity to interact with the academic world through direct contact with the university structure, its services, teaching staff and students.

The ICT Days program also includes communicative events dedicated to the general public interested in new technologies. These include seminars, round tables, demos, contests and workshops.

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What is ICT?

ICT, acronym for “Information and Communication Technology”, is the integrated science that concerns itself with information processing, transformation and transmission systems. Essentially, it encompasses all the technologies that enable information processing and exchange.

ICT comprises several areas, such as computer science, electronics, and telecommunications. It is the driver of today’s technological evolution, and it is integral to contemporary economy, industrial production, and everyday life.